Friday, May 21, 2010

Successful consultation on Gilberdyke Flood Prevention Proposals

Many thanks to all Gilberdyke residents who attended the consultation on the plans for flood prevention work in the village. During the day over a hundred people passed through to look at the plans, and talk to representatives from the Gilberdyke Parish Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Drainage Engineers and Eddy Allen the Clerk to the Lower Ouse Internal Drainage Board.

Residents were also able to leave comments, which where on the whole very positive, all were in favour of the work going ahead as proposed, but suggesting some minor changes to accommodate the routing of the new drain to avoid sheds, garages and fish ponds, and access issues.

Additional information was also provided by residents on the location of other drains, as well as the routes of underground electricity cables.

“This is a great example of what can be achieved when organisations and a community work together, and the lack of any negative comments from those who visited is a tribute to all those who have been involved in the sometimes difficult, and delicate fact finding, design and funding process”

The consultation came after the Parish Council held meetings with those residents who would be directly affected by the installation of the new drainage system, therefore I certainly now feel confident that the community has had a good opportunity to have their say and comment on the proposals.

The next step is for Gilberdyke Parish Council to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting on 1st June 2010 to fully endorse the proposals, and formally begin the process of obtaining the required finance.

It is hoped the work will be completed by the end of the summer.


John in Gilberdyke said...

On a slightly related point - the Parish Council should obtain from YEDL a map showing the underground HV and main LV distribution cables for inclusion in the village emergency planning data. Similarly for the main sewers, water and gas mains. We already now know where the major surface water drains are courtesy of the valuable Mason Clark report map.

Anonymous said...

I attended but I am disappionted,
no parish councillors there. what happened to the 85k scheme .
I will not be giving my permission, if I have a choice

Paul Robinson said...

Anonymous - I’m not sure what time you attended the consultation event but members of the Parish Council were there from 5pm until after 7pm, and also at other times during the day. One has to remember many Gilberdyke Parish Councillors have full time jobs and work during the day, but the Parish Council Clerk was there from 11.30am until after 7pm.

If you visited during the day you obviously had the opportunity to raise your concerns and ask specific questions of the representatives there. I’m very surprised to did not take this chance to ask about the £85k (for information this is that scheme - with the £85k being part of the ERYC contribution).

People always have a choice, but you fail to say why you would not wish this scheme to go ahead, and unfortunately you didn’t feel able to raise your issues on the day.

If you would like to discuss your concerns please contact me directly, or alternatively the Parish Council Clerk, the Clerk to the Lower Ouse Internal Drainage Board, or the ERYC Land Drainage Section.

Anonymous said...

I dont know who the person hiding behind "anonymous who is disappointed" is, but if the scheme is rolled out he/she needs to take a look at the powers the councils and drainage board have. Objecting might simply create yet more delays and cost him/her a whole heap of money.

Anonymous said...

I was flooded, I do not need the Parish council to tell me how water flows.
we do need drainage, but it needs to be in the right place.
As it is it will not get my permission. Remember the money you have is ours Paul.
I could not attend the consultation due to a proper job