Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SATs testing goes ahead at Gilberdyke School

I am pleased that Gilberdyke Primary School is not being held to ransom by the Unions and this years SATs tests are going ahead.

Not that I agree with SATs – but this it what we have and where we’re at, and I feel that all the hard work the staff and kids have done in preparation should not be in vain, and will hopefully be rewarded by excellent results.

SATs can be unfair, the marking can be inaccurate and give a false picture, the tests do not account for baseline levels or the quality of parenting, and can therefore significantly mis-represent a school's performance in league tables. I also feel kids can spend far to much time learning how to pass a test rather than concentrating on the curriculum.

As a father of an 11 year old daughter taking her SATs tests this week, I can confirm that this can be a stressful process for kids, and as a member of the Governors at the school I can also confirm it can also be the same for the teachers.

Gilberdyke School Website http://www.gilberdyke.eril.net/

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