Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Fast Bus Service from Gilberdyke and Brough to Hull

Great News for Gilberdyke residents - A brand new express bus route between Gilberdyke, Elloughton, Brough and Hull is to be launched by East Yorkshire Motor Services on Monday 26 April, providing the quickest-ever bus journeys from the Brough area into the heart of Hull.

The route will also go through the city centre rather than going direct to the Interchange with all journeys passing Princes Quay and peak time journeys serving the Guildhall and Hull College. Scheduled time between Brough centre and the city centre will be under 35 minutes, cutting up to 13 minutes off the time taken by the long-established 155 route which serves other villages on the way.

Using brand new single deck buses in a special livery the ‘PETUARIA EXPRESS’ will initially provide ten return journeys on Mondays to Fridays but the company says that if successful it will certainly consider increasing the service.

The journeys are carefully timed to suit commuters working in Hull and journeys between the peaks should prove ideal for shoppers. The route also passes the door of HRI so should also be good for hospital staff and visitors.

EYMS claims that from the centre of Brough to the centre of Hull will be as quick if not quicker than the train allowing for walking times to Brough station and from Hull Paragon to the Old Town area. At just £5 return and £20.50 for a weekly ticket the fares also compare favourably with the train especially if station parking costs are added. Even a comparison with the car is good when rising fuel costs and city car park charges are taken into account.

The population of Brough in particular has expanded a great deal recently with more houses still being built and the new route is the first significant improvement in public transport provision in the area for many years and is designed to cater for the growing population, many of whom work or shop in Hull.

The route will be ‘branded’ on a Roman theme, reflecting the fact that Brough was a significant Roman settlement called Petuaria, and the new route coincides with the 1600th anniversary of the year the Romans finally left Britain in 410AD.

The single deck buses will have a very eye-catching livery incorporating the Roman theme but also based on the traditional EYMS colours of indigo and primrose which were used by the Lee and Beulah company which was based in Elloughton and was one of the companies from which EYMS was formed in 1926.

Timetable information can be found at:


Kev Owen said...

Whatever pretty colour they paint the buses one can always depend on them being able to get to their destinations (save breakdowns, cancellations due to lack of use or the driver forgetting his route)...buses seem not to suffer from copper wire theft as trains do...

Anonymous said...

Good news indeed but I have formed this mental picture of the driver and the bus conductor dressed in Roman army gear complete with short sword and sandals. The inspector being dressed as a centurion with cape?
Perhaps even a ballista mounted on top to repel attacks from marauding woad daubed locals?

Anonymous said...

I saw the new bus in Gilberdyke this morning. The new livery looks very smart.
Will free travel bus passes be accepted on this route do you know?

EYMS said...

Dear 'Anonymous',

I'm glad you like our new buses! Concessionary passes are accepted on X55, as on any service bus. You can see the timetable on our website,

I hope you enjoy travelling on the new service. Don't worry, you won't have to battle a centurion to get on board!


Anonymous said...

what about the people that need to get to the hospital... Its ok them say it a 15 mins walk but not for me cos i have problems with walking