Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A great morning with the 12 new recruits to Humberside Police

Almost exactly a year ago I was invited to speak to the new Police Constables recruited by Humberside Police – Well I guess I must have done something right because today I was invited to spend the morning with the 12 recruits for this year - 6 weeks into their training and they get me talking about the role of Councillors, how we can have an input into Policing, Local Action Teams, and partnership working.

(I'm not sure why - but every time I park in a Police Station car park I always have the urge to check my vehicle tax disc and tyre tread depth!)

I cannot recall spending time with such a positive and enthusiastic group of people; all the recruits have either been PCSOs, Specials, or administrators within Humberside Police, so had a good grounding in Neighbourhood policing.

PC Chris Hughes (the Police Officer seconded to the East Riding Local Action Team project) and I managed approximately one and half hours without the recruits becoming bored or falling asleep, which must be some achievement particularly considering most of it was unscripted and spontaneous, but also interactive.

12 great recruits; who I’m sure will make great Police Officers in the weeks, months and years to come.

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