Monday, January 04, 2010

Holme upon Spalding Moor bus connection issues resolved

After some painstaking work by a number of people, I am assured that we will not see a repeat of the number 34 bus to Holme upon Spalding Moor (HOSM) leaving Market Weighton without connecting with the X46 bus from Beverley/Hull.

East Yorkshire Motor Services (EYMS) have stated “it is unacceptable for the driver of the 34 bus to drive away when people are trying to make the connection”. They have also clarified their contract requires the 34 bus to wait for any late running X46 bus from Beverley/Hull. The driver’s running board now has a note attached requiring drivers to wait for the connecting bus.

There is radio communication on all EYMS buses therefore we should not see a repetition of HOSM residents being left in Market Weighton because the connecting bus has left.

As from Monday 11th January 2010 there will also be some minor changes to the timetable, with the buses leaving Market Weighton five minutes later, giving a little more time for the connection. This will also address the problem of congestion near HOSM Village Hall when the East Yorkshire Bus and the York Pullman have been arriving at the bus stop at the same time, blocking drives or the entrance to the Village Hall car park.

In addition the first bus from HOSM to Market Weighton will operate the opposite way around the village, using the bus stop across the road from the Village Hall.

I hope this will resolve the issue but please let me know if you experience, or hear of any further problems with the connection in the future..

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