Thursday, January 07, 2010

East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Salt Bins and Gritting Footways

Salt bins

Due to the severe weather conditions demand for salt from East Riding of Yorkshire (ERYC) bins is far exceeding normal usage. Salt bins located are a secondary measure in the Councils winter maintenance effort and resources have to be targeted at the Councils primary responsibility, which is keeping our principle road network open.

As a result of this the ERYC have moved from a system of responding to requests for refills and now the bins are being systematically refilled. The Council is constantly filling bins with white salt. High demand means salt is being used faster than some bins can be refilled.

Gritting footways

The Council do have a network of footways which are treated during winter weather set out according to how busy they are and which services the footways lead to. There are 16 areas across the East Riding where this work is carried out, and where resources allow the treatment will be broadened out.

For more information about salt bins or the network of roads and footways which are gritted please call the ERYC on (01482) 393939.

A map of gritting routes can also be found at:


Anonymous said...

I tried to look at the map your have provided a link to but it doesn't seem to work

Bluetracker/KevO said...

Happy New Year Paul!

Where are these bins located?
Can't say I've seen any filled or empty
BTW the link to the salting routes doesn't work Paul, so here's a couple that will...
Salting routes & footpaths ...

Salting routes and interactive map....

Paul Robinson said...

Happy New year to you too Kev.

Not sure what happened to the original link but I've replaced it with yours. Difficult to see the bins as they're covered in snow!

Bluetracker/KevO said...

Saw one of those bins in Howden today on Buttfield road with the junction of Pinfold Street/Treeton Rd.
Obviously it was either empty or the residents of the area don't possess a shovel between them (if the state of the pathways were anything to go by).
People were risking walking on the roads whilst cars tootled past them sideways rather than using the pavements. Not a safe or satisfactory state of affairs.