Monday, September 28, 2009

Successful East Riding of Yorkshire Council ‘On the Road’ event held in Holme on Spalding Moor

Thank you to all who visited the ‘On the Road’ event held in HOSM during the day, and also those who took part in the evening session. It was interesting to hear your views.

The issues raised during the day included youth provision, transport, litter and litterbins, overgrown hedges, anti-social behaviour, speeding traffic, and concerns with the process by which planning permission is determined.

The evening brought to HOSM the Leader and Chief Executive of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, members of the Councils Cabinet and senior managers, plus representatives of the Police, Fire Heath and voluntary sector, for what turned out to be an interesting meeting.

The three issues that came to the fore were speeding in the village, the smells drifting over the village from nearby composting operations, and a desire by people to see the local organisations work together in the village.


Speeding in a number of different places in the village is an issue that is constantly raised with me by HOSM residents, and something I have spoken about previously. I will be continuing to work with the Police on this, not only in my role as one of your East Riding councillors, but also as chairman of the Police and Partners Community Forum, and Chair of the Local Action Team.

If you do witness speeding in the village please contact the local Police on 0845 6060 222


As many of you know I have spent a great deal of time and energy working with local MP David Davis looking into the composting industry, which creates almost all the unpleasant smells drifting over HOSM and Spaldington. I took a motion to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council for us to look into the industry; this was successful in creating an understanding of what is happening as well as highlighting some of the problems. I have had further meetings with the Environment Agency over the last month and I am confident that we are now at last seeing a positive move by them in addressing the issue, although they are not able to solve this in isolation, also needing the Council’s Public Protection staff and most importantly residents to work with them.

It is important that residents report smells drifting over the village to the Environment Agency by calling their 24 hour hotline on 0800 807 060.


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