Monday, September 28, 2009

New Bus Service from Holme on Spalding Moor to Market Weighton and beyond!

Over the past years one of the issues that has been raised with me by HOSM residents has been regarding a bus service connection between HOSM and Market Weighton. I am pleased to say that after considerable time spent not only by myself, but also my fellow Ward Councillors, and others, East Yorkshire Motor Services commenced a bus service to and from Market Weighton on 1st September 2009.

This is the number 34 bus leaving from HOSM seven times per day (Monday to Saturday) and 7 times in the opposite direction, this will allow connections with the Number X46 bus service to/from Beverley, Hull and York.

I am told this new bus service HOSM will be reviewed after a period of time to determine viability, and if well used it could be increased.

For timetable information please click:

Update 29th November 2009

There appears to be a few teething troubles with a number of people complaining that the times for the connecting bus services, especially when coming back from Beverley don’t quite work out as planned. This has resulted in a long wait for some and necessitated others having to pay for a taxi to get home. I am looking into this, but just as it took a long time to get the bus service –so it takes a little while to change the timetable!

Could anyone who has experienced any problems please let me know as the more evidence there is, the better the case.


Anonymous said...

Time now for the residents to use it or lose it!

John in Gilberdyke said...

The root of the problem for any public transport is customer use. When I was a boy in Howdendyke only two people had cars and the Lincolnshire road car bus service ran two days a week, Wednesday and Saturday to Goole. First bus at noon then 2, 4 and 6 o-clock. An evening last return from Goole got in at 9.30 but if you really wanted to stay out late in Goole an East Yorkshire bus ran from Goole but dropped you in Howden with a walk home from there. No street lights!
Most households have cars now and the buses are uneconomic!

Anonymous said...

Well as a HOSM resident I can tell you many welcome this new service. For a large village (about 3000 people) we suffer appalling public transport - just one regular service to York. So this new service connects us to M/W and also the X46 and therefore, Hull, Beverley, Pocklington etc In its current form it's a bit limited but if used will hopefully be extended.
So thanks to Paul, and all the others, who pushed for this, and also Chris Mottershaw, ERYC Assistant Passenger Services Manager, who sorted out the details.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame the timetable doesn't allow for commuters time to get to work and back at regular office hours. The service may well get better used if it catered for this? Nice to have it at all however! Well done.