Sunday, November 09, 2008

On the 'Picket Line' as part of the 11 MILLION National Takeover Day

On 7th November I was invited by members of the East Riding Youth Assembly to take part in the 11 MILLION national takeover day, a day of action where young people could have their voices and opinions heard, and have the opportunity to influence the decision makers at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. This was a national initiative and young people in the East Riding participated by asking for petition signatures, in order to challenge the council in continuing to find ways of allowing young people to have their voices heard within the workings of the authority.

This included being part of a mock ‘picket’ outside County Hall in Beverley, waving placards and obtaining signatures on the petitions. Needless to say there was noise, laughter and a real sense of fun - not only from the young people but also from those ERYC officers and members of the public offering their genuine support in signing the petitions.

There was some interesting reactions from some when they realised a Conservative councillor was involved on a ‘Picket Line’ including one of my first signatories - UNISON’s Syd Cunliffe, whom I know shares my desire for younger people to be more involved in the decision making processes that affect them, be it as young peoples representatives on council committees or as young members of a union. (picured with UNISON's Syd Cunliffe)

11 MILLION is the organisation led by the children's commissioner for England which makes sure that adults listen to the views of young people. For more information please click on the link below.

For more information on the East Riding Youth Assembly please click the link below:

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