Monday, November 24, 2008

Mr Gordon Brown, are you totally Mad?

I don't normally get all that much involved with national politics on my blog, but today I'm totally sickened by the actions of our prime minister Gordon Brown and his subservient sidekick Mr Darling.

This Labour Government plan to mortgage all of our futures for the hope of a few cheap headlines in the run up to the next general election.

This is the most cynical, deceitful piece of political spin than what we have seen from this totally discredited Government.

A tax con dressed up as a tax cut that will actually raise fuel duty, beer duty, national insurance rates and even income tax. Borrowing levels will rise to a level never seen in the long long history of Great Britain. These are the tax rises Labour MPs have just cheered -

£20 billion on National Insurance
£10 billion on income tax
£5 billion on alcohol and cigarettes
£2 billion on pensions

These increases amount to nearly £1,500 for every family over the next Parliament - and by 2012/13, anyone earning more than £20,000 will be paying more tax.

Our national debt will reach £1 trillion and families will be hit by the tax time bomb for years to come. This announcement was more about the survival of this worn out Government than it was about our country's economic fortunes.

So Mr Brown, are you totally mad? It is surely time for you and your cohorts to go......


Anonymous said...

In my eye this country has been totally distroyed by this government, and for being British the country and nationality is a total bloody joke and a embarrasment. Good look to the lads at these power stations and refinerys who are making a stand for what they see is right. Because its a fact that the main polictical partys in this country will not do it. Soon as we get out of the european cesspit the better. I have already told my daughter who is very promising at school and doing well, to look overseas as regarding her future when she's old enough. Because there's no future here for the younger generation. Just total distruction. We need to take an example from the Australians who know how to look after there country because I was there the other year. And my god what a difference, a country who stand up for themselves and are still very proud of what they are. Everything they have, we've lost.

Anonymous said...

Bliar, and now Gordon McRuin have left the UK in a chaotic state in just about every area.

McRuin is not mad, just sad, grumpy and suffering from delusions of 'Big-shotism'. After all did he not begin to state... "We have saved the World....!" Now that is delusional.

Lets hope the Men in White Coats soon enter Parliament to gurney him away to a funny farm.

Joe bloggs, Man of the Streets.

Paul Robinson said...

I could not agree more.... The biggest problem is that it's going to take a generation to right the wrongs of this Government. It is not just us who will be paying for the folly, political correctness, quangos, mistakes and mismanagement - but ALSO our children. That is the tragedy of it all.

Anonymous said...

Going onto a different subject. I've a friend who worked in the caravan industry in Hull for 14 years he was one of four hundred to lose his job. And talk about get treated like dirt by the system. With him losing his job as you can appreciate times are very hard, especially when you've worked and played the game all your working life. He applied to get a council tax rebate he was allowed £2.00 a month in other words no help. He also applied for free school dinners for his young daughter can't have that because he earned to much from April to December when he lost his job. He gets 60 pound a week jobseekers allowance for 6 months and after that it goes down to a fiver a week because it goes on income based with his wife working. And the job centre has plainly told him there are no reasonable jobs out there, and he will be lucky to have a job within a year, So its the old same story under Labour, support the idle don't work won't work population. So the message that Labour should send out is, don't get caught working and don't make the efforts to buy your own house because theres no help for people in this Catagoery. When I think about this I cannot fault anybody who gets out of this disaster zone of a country. Because its a fact if your British and work hard there's no future here. At the end of it all my friend told me the company he worked for had about 4 million pounds worth of orders before they went bust. But the bank was not interested in helping them so it just shows how interested we are in the industry of this country. 400 men and women out of work just like that. When you think they can pay the useless good for nothing fatcats huge amounts of money payouts for failing the countries economy when they should be facing prison sentences. Because its a fact if it was another type of occupation you would be doing time for negligence these baffoons have showed.

Anonymous said...

Hey are you a professional journalist? This article is very well written, as compared to most other blogs i saw today….
anyhow thanks for the good read!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the last person that left there comments asking me if I was a journalist, also I am pleased that you found it a good read. No I am not a journalist just an ordinary resident of this area who dispairs how this country is going. In my opinion it should be grassroot people that should be running this country who are in touch with hardships of life. Not the silver spooned merchants we have in power, and other political partys. Give the power to ordinary working people they would sort this country because life goes beyond 4 walls of an office plus they would have the guts thats needed to do job, like getting shut of europe for starters. No, the main parties of this country do not have the guts to anything with this country, but just sit there like nodding dogs. Talk about europe have got us where they need us, bleeding us dry.