Friday, July 25, 2008

Goole Fire Station Provision Cut

Members of Humberside Fire Authority today voted to reduce the fire cover at Goole Fire Station to just a single full time pump. This was on the casting vote of the Chairman of the Fire Authority Cllr Doreen Engall.

This decision will have a detrimental effect on Fire and Rescue provision for Goole, Howden and Howdenshire residents who despite many signing petitions, writing letters and campaigning, are now faced with the likelihood of having to suffer from longer response times in the event of a fire or accident. (please see posts passim). I can only assume Cllr Engall who along with myself represents Howdenshire, in using her casting vote to reduce the fire cover in Goole has been listening to a whole different set of people. I can neither support nor condone her decision, and I firmly disassociate myself from it. I can only hope she is not left to regret her stance on this issue.

Understandably, the authority also voted unanimously to close the retained Station at Sledmere near Driffield.

But there is some good news, because at the same time the Authority voted against plans to close Hull's Central Fire Station, but in favour of an amendment to keep the station open until a new facility is ready in the city center.

Other proposals for stations in North Lincs and North East Lincs were rejected with Authority members calling instead for efficiency savings to be made from non-frontline services.

So North Lincs, North East Lincs, and Hull get away relatively unscathed, BUT the East Riding suffers from the cuts........... Hopefully someone will be able to explain?


Brent Huntington said...

Much to the embarrassment to the ERYCC cons & Fib


The downgrade at Goole fire station will in fact now mean that the East Riding is now left with only 2 wholetime crews, covering a
geographical area of some 922 sq miles. This i find incredible that the Conservative & Lib dems who are the East Riding elected members represented on the Fire Authority voted to approve the cuts. This i also find strange that it is against the wishes of regional members of parliament amazing , also that Fire Authority members from other unitary authorities voted to oppose the cuts and these included



Goole Resident said...

Good bit in the Goole Times today Councillor Robinson - will you be in trouble for criticising your own I wonder? I hope not because I hear you you are at least on the side of Goole people.