Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Africa Remembered

with Nkey in 1989

Some of you who know me well may remember the time I spent working as a development worker in West Africa from 1988 to 1992 (see blog posts passim).

One of those things I did back in '89 was in persuading the owner of the compound on which I first lived to allow his daughter, a little girl called Nkey, to go to school, the first girl in the family to do so. She was six years old and I recall buying her first uniforms. Today I had the pleasure of being the guest of Nkey and her husband Yahya who received his BSc degree from the University of Hull.

It is hard to imagine such a small gesture at that time, meant in a little girl attending school and getting an education many of us take for granted, would result in me being in the company of such a charming couple on their special day. A little girl whose future then was working in the fields - now has a job in London, a successful husband and two delightful children.

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