Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Network Rail Cleans key dyke in Gilberdyke for first time in 30 years

Network Rail have this week proceeded dig out the key dyke at the side of the railway, this will at least allow surface water to drain out of the West side of Gilberdyke to the main Lower Ouse Drainage Internal Board dyke down to Blacktoft. I am led to believe this is the first time in 30 years that this dyke has been cleared.

The Gilberdyke Flood Action Group is to hand deliver a specific flooding questionnaire to every Gilberdyke household over the next week, in order to determine the true extent of the flooding as well as inviting residents to put forward their experiences, thoughts and suggestions. This information will then be collated and used as evidence to support the MTP application, provide feedback to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s flood working group, and determine what can be done to actually remove the water from the village during times of heavy rainfall. The completed forms can be dropped off in boxes provided at the supermarket in Gilberdyke as well as the Post Office.

The Group is also requesting if anyone in the village could provide any old maps, plans or photographs showing the original dykes or water courses. Also for long standing residents to come forward if they have local knowledge of these original dykes or water courses. This will enable a forward plan to be created with a view to reopening dykes and watercourses as required to solve future flooding problems.

The Flood Action Group should be given the credit for what they have achieved so far, working with the LOIDB and other groups and organisations to get things moving. The tasks ahead include research and the identification of original dykes in the village that have been potted and filled or just filled in, acknowledgment of ownership, and the funding for getting these dykes reopened and/or re-potted as required.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 10th October 7.30pm in the Common Room, Scalby Lane, Gilberdyke

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