Thursday, September 27, 2007

Are North Cave residents being let down by the Environment Agency?

Last night (Wednesday) I attended a meeting between the Environment Agency and residents and Parish Councillors of North Cave.

It was interesting to see the Agency's maps proudly displayed showing land levels, the route of the Beck, and the extent of recent flooding.... BUT it was more interesting observing the frustration of residents when told by the Environment Agency that only a minimum amount of work was soon to be carried out on the Beck to remove obstructions, overhanging braches and some reeds.

A feasibility study of the Beck between North Cave and the point where it runs under the M63 was then going to be sometime within the next 12 months, and the Beck then de-sludged at some time after that..... It was quite clear that residents have 'more than enough' anecdotal evidence that the Beck contains a large amount of Silt and sludge which is preventing flow, and work is required now.

Those at the meeting may have seen my reaction to the Environment Agency’s excuses and reasons for not getting on and doing the work. I feel one can make excuses for not doing something or find reasons to do something – unfortunately all we saw last night was excuses. It is totally unacceptable for the community of North Cave to live in fear of further flooding whilst the Environment Agency pontificates and procrastinates over what to do.

Eventually we did get a commitment from the Environment Agency Officer to come back to the community, with dates and a plan for moving forward. This is be be at the Village Hall at 7.30pm on 6th November 2007, I await this meeting with a degree of (hopefully not misplaced) optimism and encourage as many residents as possible to attend.


Phil Garland said...

Paul I agree with you that hopefully the EA will now (at long last!!) start to do something that will help prevent any further flooding.

We must as a village, group together and force the EA to follow through with there promises not just to clean the beck out but to also maintain it in the future so we do not get in this situation again.

Paul Robinson said...

Thanks Phil.... I agree it's only by putting pressue on the Agency that things are going to get done in North Cave, it's people power at the end of the day, with the more people there on the 6th Nov the better - not to argue with the EA but just show that you mean business.

Pauline Hornsey said...

Pauline Hornsey & Steve Skipsey say "Thank you Paul for attending the EA Public Forum & for making a stand on our behalf. We live in hope that someone will at last do something for our Parish