Saturday, January 06, 2007

Stop the NHS Cuts

Paul Robinson, Doreen Engall and Charlie Bayram
with the NHS petition in Holme on Spalding Moor

Howdenshire MP DAVID DAVIS explains, “The last few months have seen the announcement of a number of cuts to local health services in our area. There are presently proposals to close the rivers Ward at Goole Hospital and to reorganise midwifery services from Goole Hospital. Other local cuts have seen a reduction in the number of NHS dentists.

I recently signed an early day motion in the House of Commons calling on the government to protect Multiple Sclerosis Nurses who could well be the next victim of Mr Brown’s axe. Our Doctors and Nurses work extremely hard and need our support. I have therefore launched an NHS petition which is part of a national campaign demanding an end to the cuts.”

PAUL ROBINSON adds, “I recently met with David Davis MP to discuss local health service matters. The Government has repeatedly reorganised the structure of the NHS at great expense. The simple truth is that far too much of the extra money has been spent on government driven reorganisations, rather than on improving patient care.”


Anonymous said...

I am given to believe that this photo was taken on private land and without the owners permission and has since asked that the photo be removed. He has been informed that it is still on. When will Councillors learn that they can't just do as they wish !

Paul Robinson said...
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Paul Robinson said...

A very interesting comment and quite wrong as it happens. I would have thought NHS cuts was the issue not petty comments about a photograph. The original photograph was clearly taken from the road with Cllr Bayram and I standing on the footpath - not on the Health Centre Property. The new photograph now includes Cllr Doreen Engall.

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