Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Paul with Charlie Bayram in Newport


The East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Local Development Framework for smaller settlements (LDF) document has identified the villages of Newport and Gilberdyke as ‘market villages’. The direct consequence of this is that over the next 10 to 15 years significant industrial and housing development will be directed towards our villages. The LDF consultation process takes very little notice of the views of residents or the Newport Village Plan, and appears to ignore completely whether important services and facilities in the villages can cope with increased development

Paul Robinson states, “The recent survey as well as the Newport Parish Plan established that many of you wish to see only limited (in fill) housing in the village, of those who wish to see further housing, many say it should be of an affordable type, to allow young people in the village the chance of their own homes, without having to move out of the community. However the combined impact of further development, in both villages, and the consequence of through traffic is highly significant and detrimental for Newport “.

Paul continues, “In Gilberdyke previous planning decisions seem to have been made without properly considering the consequences on important factors such as heavy traffic movements through both Gilberdyke and Newport from the industrial estate, and traffic congestion near the shops and the Health Centre. Further developments will compound these problems.

“This is probably the most important issue faced by the communities of Newport and Gilberdyke in recent times, and could have a serious detrimental effect on both communities over the next 10 to 15 years, and more. We need to send out a clear message to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council planners that enough is enough, and that there is no support from the local communities for the levels of development that the council intends to impose on us”.

“We must show planners that there is no consent to support their plans, and local people want to be part of local decision-making, and those in power who ignore this, do so at their peril”

“I am committed to ensuring that your voices are heard on this issue, we have to learn from the past where our voices have not be heard, and make sure that future developments do not impinge on those things that are important to us, and what we value as being part of village life.”


Anonymous said...

You know I think you may just be the one to speak up for Newport and Gilberdyke - something that the so called county councillor in Gilberdyke for the past years has failed to do.... said...

Workplaces are fairly far from Newport; the locals have to travel into Hull or Goole now that Capper Pass has gone, and BAE Systems is shrunken. Newport has superb road access to the motorway network for contractors and sales people alike. It simply isn't realistic to force people and firms into areas near 'public transport' when a coherent strategy for the rail and bus networks is absent. Allow business to grow and thrive near to the M62 junction and the traffic won't even touch Newport itself, the new jobs and income generated will though...

Kevin Armstrong