Sunday, October 29, 2006

Phone mast Rejected


An application for a 20m-high phone mast in Gilberdyke was recently refused by the East Riding of Yorkshire Western Area Planning Committee. There was support in principle for the phone mast in the area as it will benefit ’Orange’ users within the community, however there were objections to the specific location of the mast and it was felt that it should be sited some 320m further away from residential housing in the village”.

Gilberdyke Parish Council Chairman Paul Robinson says: “This is a victory for common sense, the range of the antennae is many miles, so why site the mast within 80m of housing when there are equally good sites at the far side of the industrial estate owned by the same company as the proposed site?”

Paul continued: “It’s heartening to know that democratic planning committees can exercise common sense - without them communities such as ours are at the mercy of the operators, who do not consult, and ignore our requests and concerns.

Mr Bob Shanks a resident of nearby Hazel Crescent says “The hard work of Paul Robinson and the Parish Council who played an important role in getting the proposal rejected should be recognised and appreciated, and also that of David Davis MP who supported the residents objections”.

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