Friday, October 27, 2006

Appointment of Gilberdyke Parish Council Funding Advisor

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Appointment of Gilberdyke Parish Council Funding Advisor

Gilberdyke Parish Council sets quite a high precept each year; a high proportion of this is given out in grants. That the money is needed is not in doubt, but the ability of the Council to continue to give large amounts of funding indefinitely, especially as the village continues to grow is in doubt. Shortly the Parish Plan will be published where further activities and groups may well emerge. Parish Council Chairman Paul Robinson states “We cannot as a council continue to increase the precept to fund this without looking at ways to help groups become more self-sufficient”.

The Parish Council has employed Charlotte Hursey as a dedicated part time ‘Development and Funding Advisor’ working within the Parish. The role is to establish and provide a funding advice service for local voluntary and community groups. In order to assist them identify their requirements and develop funding strategies; provide advice and training sessions; and subsequently support, will be provided to assist and advise them - from filling in application forms through to completing the funder’s monitoring requirements.
The aim is for the funding advisor to work with all organisations and groups operating within the community to maximise potential funding for the Gilberdyke Parish.

Paul Robinson adds “The Parish Council has provided grants to many organisations on a consistent basis over the years which have been put to good use by these groups operating within the community, organisations such as: The Gilberdyke and District Leisure Association (GDLA), the Memorial Hall, children’s groups, the scouts, the football, cricket and bowling clubs, the school PTFA, the Good Companions and Ex-servicemen’s clubs, the Fledgling project, and the local Churches”. Paul Continues “I feel it is important that the council foster a self help Community and Voluntary sector, with one of the first steps being to help groups acquire the skills and knowledge that they require to write funding applications and look for alternative sources of funding from outside the village.” Adding “One could use the analogy ‘rather then giving a fish for them to feed for a day, we can teach them how to fish and feed them for the rest of their lives’ ”

Full details will be provided to the organisations/groups working within the community in the near future. For more information please contact Charlotte Hursey at:
Sue Nicholson, Clerk to Gilberdyke Parish Council on: (01430) 441278 or the Parish Council Chairman, Paul Robinson at: or tel. (01430) 440659

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