Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tip Exhibition comes far too late

City Plant Ltd, the operators of the controversial landfill site between Gilberdyke and Newport are to hold an exhibition or ‘Public Consultation Day’ where they are to display their future plans for the tip. The exhibition is to be held between 2pm and 7pm tomorrow (Thursday 24th May 2012) at the Newport Village Hall.

The exhibition is to include information on, scheduled for completion of the tip, the phased plan, capping, restoration, surface water plans, gas management and future installations.

 I certainly welcome this change of approach from City Plant Ltd. but feel it is way too late in the process, with the horse having well and truly bolted leaving in its wake stink, litter, mud, excessive HGV movements and a community feeling somewhat abused by the Company.

The overwhelming feeling within the communities of Newport and Gilberdyke is that they have suffered enough, they have been let down by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the Environment Agency, and in not knowing when it was going to end - had to endure something akin to a prison sentence without the chance of parole. Residents just want to see the tip completed and capped off, and a suitable gas management system installed as soon as possible, and if this exhibition serves to reassure residents that this will happen sooner rather than later, it can only be a good thing.

I therefore urge as many people as possible to attend the event, look at and listen to what City Plant have to say, but most importantly put forward their concerns and questions. As chairman of the Landfill Site Liaison Committee I plan to there for most of the time to listen to what is said.


John in Gilberdyke said...

From the City Plant Ltd newsletter
"the restoration work will be overseen by a team of technical scientists from the 4R Group".
Another minimal capital company which according to companies registration has a value of £100 and is based in Garforth, having been incorporated in 2010.
Is this a shell company with no assets to speak of but highly rewarded directors? It all seems too convenient to a cynical old sod like me!

unbeliever said...

Well I went to the exhibition - spin and more spin!
I would have had more confidence if the usual weasel words had not been included in the display panel statements. "anticipate" is an easy way out when something doesn't happen. Even the quoted supposedly firm program dates rely on the program dates not slipping. How many civil construction projects stick to the program?

social observer said...

Kevin Wanless giving his spiel on tv missed out the old Hughie Green line - I mean this most sincerely folks - of course it wasn't Hughie who doubled his money but the contestant if lucky.
In this case we see a massive fortune being wrung from the suffering of the community by remote overlords. Sounds quite historical but demonstrates England justice has not moved forward since king Johns times.