Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Gilberdyke's Leatherdog Lane Tip Liaison Group Established

As part of the planning consent to increase the life by one year of the Leatherdog Lane Tip located between Gilberdyke and Newport, there was a requirement by the tip owner to establish a Liaison Group consisting of community representatives, and also those from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) and the Environment Agency, as well as the tip operators.

A meeting to set up this Liaison Group was held last Thursday 28th July 2011 in Newport. Both Gilberdyke and Newport Parish Councils had put forward their two respective Chairmen, Nick Norris and Roy Hunt to sit on the group, as well as myself as the ERYC Howdenshire Ward Councillor.

It was suggested and agreed that I chair the Liaison Group which is envisaged to meet every six weeks.

It was established that the best way for the community to be represented on the group was through the Parish Councils, and the respective chairmen would give updates and take questions and ideas from residents at open forums as part of the regular Parish Council meetings, they could then take these to the Liaison Group.

It was felt essential that the two main regulatory agencies, namely the ERYC and the Environment Agency be represented and the liaison group would be a forum for both to sit around the same table, to hear first-hand the communities concerns and for joint action to be taken if deemed necessary.

It was agreed by the operator that the tip would be filled within the recently granted year’s extension period, and that no further extension to the life of the tip would be required.

“It is about how the Liaison Group can work with the operator to ensure that the tip is filled and capped off within the timeframe agreed as part of the planning application, and within the regulations and conditions imposed, not only by the planning consent - but also the licence given by the Environment Agency. I personally feel the operator has to tell us how many HGV movements are required to complete the tip, and how these movements can be managed to minimise the negative impacts on residents – particularly those living down Newport’s Thimblehall Lane. There are also on-going issues around smell and the tip height that must be addressed”.


Stig of the dump said...

Have we got in writing and signed the bit about the tip will be full within a year and no further extension of time will be required (or applied for)?
Trust no-one involved with this dirty game!

mc said...

Will there be a public account of these meetings e.g. minutes to show who actually attended and what decisions were made? If so where/when will they be published? Do you intend to publish the date of the next meeting?

Stig of the dump said...

Time for a petition to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee about the failure of East Riding Council to protect the electors from this gross injustice. This requires 10 electors signatures to kick the system into operation.

Anonymous said...

dont you think its time it was closed ? the smell during warm weather should be of concern to all who live in our area .i find it hard to believe that it meets the regulations for a open fill in our "enviromently correct society"

John in Gilberdyke said...

Come on Paul - the tip operators are running rings around the planning consent and making the residents lives hell. What does it take to wake someone up?

Anonymous said...

The tips legacy will be a nice hill in an otherwise featureless landscape.