Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Neighbourhood Watch in Eastrington

Last night I was invited along with Tony Froggatt, the former Neighbourhood Watch Development Officer for the East Riding to a meeting of the Eastrington Neighbourhood Watch.

Neighbourhood Watch schemes are very positive, with the Eastrington scheme being very much a good example of how residents can have a significant input into crime prevention by being the ‘eyes and ears’ within their communities.

(pictured with Neighbourhood Watch Members Francoise Siganos, Tony Froggatt, Sue Boyeson and Gina Walker)

I was asked to present Sue Boyeson with a belated award from HANWaG (which sadly ceased to exist from last autumn). The honour is the Norman Godfrey Award which is given to Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators selected by a panel of experts with a community and crime reduction back ground.

The award is given to one person in the Humberside Police Authority Area who have given their time energy and commitment to their community, which Sue as given over 20 years. During this time not only has she had a family to run but she has given her time to improve the quality of her village and local residents. Sue has also had a difficult time with her parents being ill which led to a difficult decision of stand down as the area coordinator. Sue continues to be active with other community projects in her community.

Sue said, “Last night was a positive meeting and I was pleased to see Tony and Paul who used their precious time to join us. I woke feeling as though I'd dreamt the evening; it wasn't until I saw the award on the mantelpiece that it hit home. I am delighted with the award and feel that it is a positive way to promote the benefits of volunteering ones time. Also to highlight the need to continue the hard work that everyone manages to achieve in Eastrington."

Sue added, “There isn't an' i' in team - this award, I feel is for everyone involved with Eastrington Neighbourhood Watch.”

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