Monday, November 15, 2010

East Riding Youth Assembly's Big deb8

I was fortunate to be able to spend some time watching the East Riding of Yorkshire Youth Assembly on their ‘Big deb8’ day as part of the national 11 Million day. This all took place in the Council Chamber, and along with the dozen or so Councillors who turned up to watch – was made to sit upstairs in the public gallery!!

I have been involved with and a great supporter of the East Riding Youth Assembly since becoming elected, and have previously been part of the 11 million day including being on a mock picket line outside County Hall at one point.

I sat through the debates on transport, young carers, and raising the school leaving age to 18. Each was excellent with a great deal of participation from the majority of the Youth Assembly members present, who bar none came across as being confident and able to eloquently put forward their views. In fact there were more contributors then I have ever seen at any Full Council meeting.

Watching the young people in action provided a great reassurance that the future of democracy in the East Riding is in very safe hands, and I hope some of these fantastic young people are elected to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council in the very near future.

Many thanks to Council Youth Officers Jayne Clark and Richard Moulson for organising the event.

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Anonymous said...

As a previous member of the youth assembly. I would like to personally thank you for all your partcipation, engagement, support and widom. Robert Smith 21