Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gilberdyke, Newport and North Cave 'Wallingfen Way' project hits the road

Wallingfen Way is a visionary concept aiming to remove ‘a scar on the landscape’ (the B1230) and replace it with a coherent boulevard known as Wallingfen Way, a distinct rural community corridor. The Project aims to reinforce the distinctive character and identity of three Howdenshire villages, Gilberdyke, Newport and North Cave, to reclaim the road for the local community.

Following recent 'Roadworks?' public consultations the Live project team present an open top sightseeing tour.Look out for the 'wallingfen way' bus stops on the day or check for more information closer to the day.

An accompanying exhibition of our visions for the future of the B1230 will be on display for one day only at the Recreation Hall in Newport on the 31st October between 1pm and 4pm.

This event is organised by Students of the University of Sheffield as part of a 6-week live project focused on generating short term and long-term visions for how the B1230 can be improved.

'The Wallingfen Way' is an initiative of three Howdenshire parish councils of Gilberdyke, Newport and North Cave. For further information please visit


Kev Owen said...

I don't have a Masters Degree nor am I in the process of obtaining one so I may be just talking rubbish, but, as a frequent traveller of the road and not someone at university 50 odd miles away studying for a Architecture Masters degree, there is one simple way to improve the B1230.

I believe that the digging up and resurfacing of it would improve things immensely. Also the addition of a totally separate bridal path/cycle lane would keep the 'non-motorised' section of society happy as well!
Sorry, I can't help with the open top bus nor free cake.

Live said...

Hi Kev,

We agree that the resurfacing of the road and introduction of cycle and bridal way is a much needed long term improvement, but the purpose of our involvement is to look at short and long term strategies that will strengthen the identity of the three villages.

Our involvement in the project was instigated by a resident of Newport and ex-student of the university who felt that we would be able to bring fresh ideas to the project.

Engagement with local residents has formed the basis of our work, and the purpose of this Sunday's event is to engage further with the community and raise awareness of the project. We hope you can make it along.

Wallingfen Way live Project team