Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Gilberdyke Parish Council Reduces Budget Precept Saving 30% For Local Residents

As a member of Gilberdyke Parish Council I am very much aware that Gilberdyke residents continue to feel the effects of the recession including higher levels of unemployment and having less money to spend.

Gilberdyke Parish Council has devised and agreed a budget precept for the year 2010/11 of £49,160 which equates to a real terms reduction of some 30% on the present year, without affecting the services it provides. The council has kept a very tight reign on this present years spending that has generated a slight under spend in a number of areas, which can be rolled over to next year.

The Councillors looked very carefully at each area of spending for next year, identified their priorities and looked for best value, which has resulted in the reduction in the budget. As the area pulls out of recession the precept may rise the following year to accommodate more capital spending.

The Parish Council have agreed to refurbish the bus shelter in the village as soon as possible, paid for with funds already allocated. (Picture of Gilberdyke pond taken by Paul Glizzard)


Anonymous said...

The old proverb about cutting one coat to suit the cloth comes immediately to mind. Lets hope there are no unexpected expenses during 2010/2011

Paul Robinson said...

Very well put, I agreed it is about cutting the cloth accordingly, and particularly in these difficult times. Please be assured that 2010/11 precept includes the recommended amount for contingencies plus the Parish Council does carry reserves for unforeseen expenditure.

An anonymous post suggested the Parish Council didn’t have the Bus Shelter insured – of course the bus shelter has always been, and continues to be insured, unfortunately the insurance does not cover ‘wear and tear’.

Bluetracker/KevO said...

What is this?
First KHCC announces a Nil % rise in Council Tax now Gilberdyke echo the same...are we seeing evidence of wiser spending in the previous fiscal year than previously?
Is it perhaps they have had more income from parking charges than they expected and can afford to lavish a little Xmas cheer in our direction instead of the copious amounts of 'bah humbug' we have gotten used to in years past...what?

With a scant 6 months left before we must see a General Election, one has to wonder at the motives behind these decisions.

Paul Robinson said...

Hi Kevin, nice to see a comment from you

I couldn’t possibly comment on what Hull City Council is proposing with their Council Tax plans it’s entirely up to them. As for Gilberdyke, yes I feel we there has been some tightening of spending this last year, which has resulted in some savings that have put us in a good position to reduce the precept budget for the coming year.

I’ve always found Gilberdyke Parish Council to be apolitical; in fact I’ve no idea how some the members would vote in a general or council election, all I do know is that if there is to be a Parish Council election it won’t be until May 2011.

So when you look at those Gilberdyke residents who have lost their jobs during the past year, and also those now working part time, to reduce their council tax charges for the coming year by whatever amount will I’m sure be appreciated.

So nothing sinister Kevin, just trying to help a little when times are tough…

As for car parking charges… I couldn’t possibly comment until the results of the consultations are fully known, and a true picture established. Although it is worth noting the free car parking in ERYC carparks leading up to Christmas…..

Anonymous said...

I would have thought getting rid of the funding advisor position and not reinstating the grant system for local charitable causes, which was abolished to pay for the funding advisor position, would have contributed a large proportion of the 30% savings that Paul reports!

Let us hope that local groups do not suffer in these harsh times at the prudent hands of the Parish Council!

Paul Robinson said...

An interesting observation – it was always my understanding that the funding advisor was a finite post, her role was not to apply for grants on behalf of organisations but to work with them to ‘teach’ them how to fundraise, where to look for funding and how to apply for grants. It is hoped that organisations will now be better placed to fundraise and apply for grants from other sources, therefore bringing more money into the community.

The Parish Council is a publicly accountable body and was advised by the Audit Commission that it shouldn’t continue to fund the post of the funding advisor; therefore a decision was made to terminate the post.

It is my recollection that at the December meeting of the Parish Council it was agreed to continue to give a grant of £300 to the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) in recognition of the service it offers to Gilberdyke residents, especially as people continue to suffer the effects of the recession.

I also recall the Parish Council may well consider grants at the March 2010 meeting (end of financial year) when some finances may be available.

Anonymous said...

The refurbished bus shelter looks very smart. Lets hope it remains so for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder if this will get on to your Blog ? What has happened to the public area between westbrooke and the pond ?? i dont recall it been up for sale ! 2 residents seem to have extended their gardens. Please explain !
Also bus stop for x55 & 155 (wards ) opposite your house is always inaccesible , is this wise ?

Paul Robinson said...

Why wouldn't it get on to my blog?

I don't know the answer to the first question - I suggest you perhaps contact the Parish Council.

The second point you raise is quite valid and something that affects me directly as you point out. Needless to say this is very difficult to address - i.e. What is the offence being committed by the owners of the parked cars?