Sunday, May 31, 2009

David Davis MP questioned by HOSM residents

Yesterday I spent a very interesting morning with David Davis MP meeting Holme on Spalding Moor residents at a drop in coffee morning. Over two dozen people called by to talk to David on issues, ranging from MP’s expenses, Europe, taxation and the economy, to parental access to children after separation, and life as a member of Parliament. A number of local issues were also raised.

It was good to see David challenged over expenses, as well as other important issues, and to hear his honest answers and thoughts for the future that we have seldom seen in the media over the past three weeks.

I was not allowed to escape from the questioning - particularly regarding local issues, with some very interesting points raised regarding composting, dog fouling, parking and speeding.
I spoke to residents as they left who all said they were now better informed, particularly about MP's expenses and the work life balance of a Member of Parliament.
Many thanks to Paul and Kathryn Whitworth for hosting the event


Bluetracker said...

We are only kidding ourselves if we believe that this MP's expenses scandal is a new thing.
Politicians have been skimming the cream off the milk since Parliament was brought into being..
One Robert Catesby was among a few who saw the corruption that existed in the Houses of Parliament for what it was and wanted rid of the whole lot. He enrolled a bloke by the name of Guy Fawkes to blow them all to Kingdom Come.
Catesby was never brought to trial dying in a shoot out with Constables as they tried to affect his arrest.
Unfortunately Guy was caught and hanged, drawn and quartered for treason...a fate which some argue is fitting for those political figures capturing centre stage attention in the news today!

Will it take another Gunpowder Plot before those we vote into power actually work for us instead of robbing us blind?

Anonymous said...

Ted Heath should have been tried for treason after he lied us into the common market