Friday, February 27, 2009

The Taxpayers' Alliance - Friend or Foe?

I read recently on Conservative MP Douglas Carwell's blog that he was proud to be a friend of the Taxpayers' Alliance. As someone who has observed the organisation and had numerous letters and emails from members, I can share this opinion. I know that some Councillors and MPs find them to be annoying and don't like them - but is this because they highlight the expensive follies of local and national Government, politicians and officials?

The Taxpayers' Alliance stands for smaller, less wasteful, more properly democratically accountable government - and I don't think there is so much wrong with that .....


John Jessop said...

With respect to the waste of public funds (taxes taken from you and I) being allowed to continue, just how is it that a forest of new signs have been planted along both sides of the A63 from North Cave to Hull?
Every one of these signs simply repeats a distance from some arbitary point (possibly Liverpool). They are at approximately half kilometer intervals and duplicate the same distance information already to be seen on small (much cheaper) signs attached to the central reservation.
Each sign must cost in the region of £100 plus a galvanised steel post, concreted in with additional personnel safety costs for cones etc.
Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been wasted for no provable benefit. Resources have been used, AND the distraction of every one of these things to the driver seems to have been conveniently ignored.
I suspect the Highways Agency to be the culprits in this matter and in an ideal world the numpty who thought this up, and the one who authorised the wasteful spending should be dismissed for waste of public resources. They obviously have no concept of value for money!

Andrew Allison said...

Quite naturally, I agree with you, Paul. The TPA fits in perfectly with Conservative views and principles.