Friday, May 02, 2008

Gilberdyke School judged 'OUTSTANDING' by Ofsted inspector

Gilberdyke Primary School has been judged as outstanding after a recent Ofsted inspection. I am immensely proud of Head teacher Martin Alger’s leadership of the school, and all the other teachers and staff, but particularly the pupils who made this possible.

Of the 27 categories inspected, 25 were judged to be ‘outstanding’ and 2 ‘good’.

The Lead inspector said: "I judge that Gilberdyke Primary School gives you an excellent education".

I am also proud to be the Chair of the School Governing Body; my role is made very much easy by having a great team in my fellow Governors, including those from within the community, the Head, members of staff and our ERYC clerking officer Roger Bohling. They can also pride themselves on their ‘outstanding’ judgement for the way in they discharge their responsibilities.

Thank you and well done!!

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robert williamson said...

As a former gilberdyke school governor and parent of children who until recently attended gilberdyke school I was very pleased to hear that gilberdyke school has been judged outstanding by ofsted.I think the headmaster is extremely good and is very well supported by a very able teaching and support staff.The school is very caring and has a calm environment which is excellent for learning.Gilberdyke and the surrounding catchment which the school serves should be very proud of its school.