Saturday, January 05, 2008

Call for a review of composting business rates

The following is taken from the Composting Association website which makes very interesting reading

It has been found that many composting businesses are not paying rates because of confusion about the system. This comes from the fact that traditionally composting was done for personal use but now increasingly composting businesses are working with local authorities and catering companies to provide food waste and green waste recycling services and these are counted as "rateable activities".

A spokesman from the Valuations Office Agency (VOA) said "There is nothing new here - all non-domestic property is rateable (including composting sites) and always has been. As and when the VOA becomes aware of composting sites, these are added to the rating lists."

The VOA has said they will backdate any missed payments from composting companies to 2005, which could have a very negative impact on smaller companies. In response to this and the fact that rates are dependent upon the size of land, facilities and location, rather than the amount of revenue the company makes, the Composting Association believes that the rates system should be reviewed.

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