Saturday, October 20, 2007

North Cave Flooding Update

The North Cave Flood Committee have raised (through community fund-raising) and spent £2,350 on the preparation survey for the Medium Term Plan application submitted by the community to the Environment Agency. Subject to Environment Agency approval, this will offer a permanent solution to North Cave’s flooding.

North Cave Parish Council was successful in obtaining a grant of £5,000 from the ERYC, although the money has not yet come through to date. A decision on what this grant money is to be used is going to be taken at the meeting of the Flood Committee to be held on 6th November 2007 at 7.30 at the North Cave Village Hall. It may be that this money can be used for local action on ditch and dyke clearance if that is what is judged to be the most immediate need.

I recently attended a meeting with North Cave Parish Councillors and the Environment Agency to discuss the effects of recent flooding and action to be taken to prevent it happening again.

“It was interesting to see the Agency’s maps proudly displayed, showing land levels, the route of the Beck, and the extent of recent flooding...BUT it was more interesting observing the frustration of residents when told by the Environment Agency that only a minimum amount of work was soon to be carried out on the Beck to remove obstructions, overhanging branches and reeds.”

“The Environment Agency is proposing a feasibility study of the Beck from North Cave to the M62 within 12 months, and the Beck to be de-sludged some time after that. But, after speaking to many residents, I feel there is more than enough anecdotal evidence that the Beck needs de-sludging now.”

“I feel one can make excuses for not doing something or find reasons to do something - unfortunately all we have seen from the Environment Agency is excuses. It is totally unacceptable for the community of North Cave to live in fear of further flooding whilst the Environment Agency procrastinates over what to do.”

“The Environment Agency Officer has agreed to come back to the community and will be attending the meeting in the village hall. I would encourage local residents to go and make their views known.”

David Davis MP adds, “The Environment Agency have frankly been pretty slow in their responses throughout East Yorkshire and I am afraid North Cave is no exception. I have written to them to encourage them to get on with some action rather than spending up to 12 months carrying out a “feasibility study”. I have also had a meeting with the Chief Executive of Yorkshire Water who assures me that further remedial work is soon to be carried out to the drain under Blanchards Lane in North Cave.”

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Black Belt said...

Nice Photo but who is the little
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THANKS for helping us at North Cave with flooding issues ect it is much appreciated.
I am putting my name down to join the GCO club.