Saturday, June 09, 2007

Local Labour MP rejoices whilst the East Riding suffers more NHS cuts

Whilst it is very nice, following a number of NHS cuts locally, to see some improved services coming to Goole hospitals I do not feel the rejoicing by Local Labour MP Mr Cawsey in last week's Goole Times told the full story. I think it is worth pointing out that the Primary Care Trust reorganisation across the East Riding has caused great concern in many communities elsewhere such as Driffield, Beverley, Hornsea and Withernsea wherein local residents have taken to the streets in an attempt to protect the loss of beds and the closure of wards at their local hospitals. Whilst it is good news that new services will be coming to Goole it is a shame they are at the expense of health services in other parts of East Yorkshire.

It is as a direct result of his Government’s health policies we have seen the loss of the Rivers Ward at the Goole Hospital, the proposed closure of the Bartholomew House Unit in Goole, a reduction in the out of hours GP cover at Goole Hospital and the negative re-organisation of the midwifery team at Goole Hospital who now have to cover a much larger area with fewer staff.

Mr Cawsey would be well advised to remember that whilst improvements to our local hospital is undoubtedly good news for Goole, there are still people in Hornsea, Driffield and Withernsea who are desperately fighting the PCT’s proposals to remove hospital beds and his government should be doing more to secure facilities for ALL our communities.

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