Friday, December 01, 2006

A case for youth shelters in Holme on Spalding Moor?

Paul at the Gilberdyke Youth Shelters

Further to meeting a large number of you in Holme On Spalding Moor over the last couple of months, the issue of village youth having little to do and nowhere to go is one of your greatest concerns. This was also identified as a priority in the recently published Parish Plan.

Of the young people in HOSM, there is a significant proportion who do not necessarily want to become involved in organised activities, but just want to ‘hang around’ with their friends in a relatively secure, dry and sheltered area. This is more than likely to be a place in which they feel comfortable in doing the things they want to do, without interference from adults, but at the same time not totally isolated in case of threat or danger. This is where the concept of youth shelters or a dedicated youth building can be very successful. We must work with the young people of HOSM to help them obtain more facilities of their own”.

“Police Inspector Andy Woodhead, when talking about youth problems in Driffield said “One possibility might be to identify a location for a youth shelter where the kids can go.

There is already successful examples of how youth shelters can work, certainly one example of this is Gilberdyke, where the community identified youth issues as their main concern, much the same as in Holme On Spalding Moor. It was felt that youth congregated in areas where they were not wanted and caused a nuisance, they engaged in anti social behaviour and were perceived as a threat to many especially older people who felt intimidated. It was also the case that people felt there was nothing for the village youth to do, with few organised activities for them in the village.

There is no doubt that youth facilities are needed in Holme on Spalding Moor – but to ensure success it would be imperative that the young people in the community continue to be consulted directly. This would give the young people a sense of ownership from the very beginning, which ultimately can lead to them taking care of any facility once constructed”.

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Anonymous said...

I was asked to look at your site today, in particulary the youth shelter story. my comments are as follow
1/ You claim that PPAC are involved yet you only mention them in the 2009 article. Evidence shows they have not been involved since 2006 when the plan was published.
2/No where do you mention the hard work done on the youth bus where the design, and placement of the shelter was decided.
3/ Just an overview opinion of the whole thing. This is a fantastic project which has been spoilt by adults, in particular PPAC, Cllr Robinson these people are being judged by their actions within the community and they are not liked. For your own reputation stay clear of these people. Everyone knows of your run in with our Parish Council, but these are the people who are implementing our parish plan. I personally think you are backing the wrong crowd. Parishioners are for once backing the Parish Council. Forget PPAC we al have !!